I. Introduction

The purpose of this article is to outline the top five qualities of Howard Schultz, one of 2013’s most accomplished entrepreneurs (Hendricks 2013 ).  Through this article, aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to know what they need to work on in order to better their chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  The first of these five qualities is Leadership.  It is essential, as an entrepreneur, to be able to lead those who are under you in order to get tasks accomplished.  The second quality is communication, an entrepreneur needs to be able to communicate with others exactly what it is that they want accomplished.  The third quality is decision-making; a successful entrepreneur will use this skill every day.  One of the most important skills an entrepreneur will need to have in order to be successful is perseverance.  Without this skill, it is impossible to be a successful entrepreneur.  Lastly, another critical skill is the ability to prioritize and delegate tasks.  This examination of Howard Schultz will show how the skills of leadership, communication, decision-making, perseverance, and prioritization are essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur.